SHEERIN WILDE - Owner, Front-of-House & 'Mr Wine', formely of The Wild Goose Grill, Balzac, Village at Lyons, The Tea Room at The Clarence & Trocadero. Sheerin's main 'wine tutors' along the way were David Donald, renowned wine man and Champagne authority and Simon Tyrell, award-winning wine importer extraordinare. Constantly motivated to be at the top of his 'Sommelier Game', his most inspiring Wine Heroes that drive him on are the great winemakers whom he met during his earlier years - Jerome Bressy, Simon Tyrell, Stephan Montes and Laurent Vaille. When it comes to guiding Sheerin on the creation of his extraordinary wine lists and pairings, he names Jancis Robinson the world-renowned and most respected of all wine critics/journalists as the ' best of the best'. Running allows him to 'breathe', golf busts any stress, whilst fishing means escapism from the fast tempo of his otherwise beloved profession!

'Our aim is to be as legendary for our food & wine as our namesake ‘Avalon’, the mystical island where King Arthur pulled out his sword Excalibur from the stone and to be as loved by our customers as my all-time favourite Van Morrison album ‘Avalon Sunset'…the second big influence for naming our restaurant!’ - Sheerin Wilde